NYSERDA’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program Reaches Major Milestone: 50,000 Energy-Saving Projects Completed

Rochester Area Home Holds Distinction of Being 50,000th Project

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) today announced the achievement of a major milestone for its Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (Home Performance) Program with the completion of the program’s 50,000th project at a Rochester area home.

The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program, founded in 2001, provides free comprehensive home energy assessments, incentives and low-interest loans to help homeowners reduce home energy use and costs.

The 50,000th project was at the Rochester area home of Joe and Christina Morabito and their three children where Christina runs a family day care program registered through The Childcare Council.  The Morabitos have lived in their 1940s two-story, four-bedroom home for six years.  The inside temperature of the house varied as it was cold in some areas, and hot in other areas, and the Morabitos wanted to lower their energy bills.  They had a free home energy assessment conducted by Home Comfort Heating & Cooling (a division of All Star Energy), a participating contractor in the NYSERDA Home Performance program.

After receiving a whole-house energy assessment to identify opportunities for energy savings, the Morabitos decided on energy improvements that included insulation, air sealing, a high-efficiency variable-speed furnace, a high-efficiency tankless water heater and a programmable thermostat.

“The project worked out great,” Joe Morabito said. “We had our basement sealed with full insulation, which has helped with heat. Before the work was completed, we paid $171 every month through budget billing. Our first month off budget billing, we were billed $130; a savings of $41. It is much more comfortable in our home, which is very important having our home daycare. We would highly recommend the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program to anyone searching to improve their home energy efficiency.”

“It’s rewarding to reflect on how far the Home Performance program has come in helping New Yorkers uncover opportunities and realize energy savings,” said Francis J. Murray Jr., President and CEO, NYSERDA. “While achieving this milestone is certainly commendable, it is the thousands of New York homeowners who have benefitted from this program that makes this accomplishment so rewarding. The savings achieved through this program demonstrates why New York is a national leader in energy efficiency under Governor Cuomo.”

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR uses a whole-house comprehensive approach to reduce home energy usage. Through funding from Green Jobs-Green New York (GJGNY), established by New York State to encourage energy efficiency, home energy assessments through the Home Performance program are free for most New Yorkers.

The assessments are conducted by a Home Performance participating contractor trained in building science and accredited by the Building Performance Institute (BPI).  The contractor measures the home’s overall energy performance, especially its insulation and air infiltration levels, and the efficiency of heating and cooling equipment, appliances and lighting. Contractors also test ovens, water heaters and other equipment to make sure dangerous combustion gases, such as carbon monoxide, are not leaking into the home. The homeowner receives a comprehensive home assessment report that includes recommendations for home improvements that will save energy. The homeowner decides on which work to move forward with, and the contractor can then make the energy improvements.

We at Home Comfort really enjoy the process of educating people about their homes and building science through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program, said Michael Murphy, President and Owner, Home Comfort. “This way homeowners understand the importance of recommended improvements and can make an educated decision on how to improve the comfort, safety and overall efficiency of their home. It’s always great to hear all the positive feedback, and with all the referrals we receive, we haven’t had to rely on advertising in four years.”

NYSERDA also provides help in paying for the energy improvements through cash-back incentives and low-cost financing, including On-Bill Recovery Financing, a signature part of Governor Cuomo’s Power NY Act of 2011. On-Bill Recovery Financing enables homeowners, small business, nonprofits and multifamily building owners to pay for their energy improvements through their utility bills.  With affordable financing and energy bill savings, many homeowners find they can make significant improvements to their home that result in improved comfort and savings for years to come.

In addition, Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STARserves households with income at or below 80 percent of state or area median income, whichever is greater. It provides a subsidy of up to 50 percent of the approved work scope up to $5,000 for a single family home and up to $10,000 for a 2- to 4-unit residential building with additional income qualified households.

For more information on the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program, please visit http://www.nyserda.ny.gov/energystarsLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. or call 1-866-NYSERDA (1-866-697-3732).

NYSERDA, a public benefit corporation, offers objective information and analysis, innovative programs, technical expertise, and funding to help New Yorkers increase energy efficiency, save money, use renewable energy, and reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. NYSERDA professionals work to protect our environment and create clean-energy jobs. NYSERDA has been developing partnerships to advance innovative energy solutions in New York since 1975. For more information, visit http://nyserda.ny.gov or follow us on TwitterLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page., FacebookLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page., YouTubeLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page., InstagramLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page..

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