NYCHA Development Hurricane Sandy Progress Report
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NYCHA Development Hurricane Sandy Progress Report

Electricity, Heat and Hot Water Returned to several buildings in Brooklyn and Queens including Coney Island, Gowanus, Ocean Bay Apartments (Oceanside and Bayside), Redfern and in Manhattan, Seward Park Extension

New York – November 9, 2012 – (RealEstateRama) — NYCHA is working to restore power, heat and hot water to developments currently without service due to the storm. During the past week NYCHA has returned heat and hot water to many buildings across the city and is working with the utility companies and other government agencies to restore these essential services to every NYCHA resident as quickly as possible.

  • On Wednesday, November 7, 2012, because of actions we took, the lights came back on for approximately 1,400 residents of 7 buildings in 5 NYCHA developments.  That means that today, power has been restored to 82% of all buildings where it went out after Sandy.
  • In addition, yesterday, we were able to get heat and hot water restored to approximately 1,600 residents of 9 buildings in 2 developments.  That means today that these services have been restored to 70% of buildings that lost heat and hot water during the hurricane.

Below is the list of developments where we restored power and/or heat and hot water yesterday:

  • Coney Island (power to1 building housing 239 residents)
  • Gowanus (power to 1 building housing 310 residents)
  • Ocean Bay Apartments-Oceanside (power to 4 buildings housing 466 residents; heat and hot water restored to all 7 buildings housing 836 residents)
  • Ocean Bay Apartments-Bayside (power to 2 buildings housing 295 residents)
  • Redfern (power to 1 building housing 159 residents)
  • Seward Park Extension (heat and hot water to 2 buildings housing 822 residents)
  • Lavanburg Homes

NYCHA Developments with and without ELECTRICITY RESTORED (in PDF)

NYCHA Developments with and without HEAT AND HOT WATER RESTORED (in PDF)

Current Status:


  • After Sandy hit, there were 402 buildings without electricity housing approximately 79,000 people.
  • 331 buildings housing approximately 66,000 people have had their electricity restored.
  • Currently there are 71 buildings in 11 developments in Brooklyn (Coney Island, Gowanus and Red Hook) and Far Rockaway, Queens housing approximately 13,000 people where electricity is still out.
  • NYCHA is bringing on additional generators working with OEM, city, state and federal agencies to provide power to these locations while service can be restored.


  • After Sandy hit, there were 386 buildings housing approximately 77,000 people without heat and hot water.
  • We have restored heat and hot water to 272 buildings housing approximately 55,500 people.
  • Currently there are 114 buildings throughout 17 developments affecting around 21,000 residents without heat.
  • We are bringing on temporary boilers to provide heat and hot water to all of these developments and expect them to come online over the next week.
  • We have established warming centers in several locations including Red Hook and have distributed blankets to residents in these locations.

Summary of developments experiencing outages per borough

  • Brooklyn:
    • Coney Island – We have restored power at Carey Gardens, Haber, Gravesend and have partial power at Coney Island and Coney Island I. We are bringing in temporary boilers to provide heat and hot water while we work on restoring service to the developments in this area.
    • Red Hook East and Red Hook West- We have partial heat and partial electricity in these developments. We are bringing temporary boilers starting tomorrow through next week to restore heat and hot water. It can take up to three days to install each boiler. We hope to have electrical power restored by next week through the installation of temporary electrical components.
    • Gowanus- We brought 1 building back online with electric power on Wednesday and there are currently 14 out of 15 buildings fully restored. We are in the process of completing repairs to restore power to the remaining building.
  • We have made good progress in Far Rockaway. Carleton Manor and Beach 41st Street have full power and Hammel Houses has partial power. Ocean Bay Apartments (Oceanside) has heat and hot water fully restored and partial power and Ocean Bay Apartments (Bayside) has 2 buildings with power. There is partial power at Redfern. We are working on the remaining developments and are installing temporary boilers through next week to restore heat and hot water.


  • The City began its food and water distribution operation at NYCHA Developments beginning Thursday, November 1.
  • There were 11 sites across the Rockaways, Coney Island, Staten Island, Chelsea and the Lower East Side of Manhattan with proximity to NYCHA developments in mind.
  • As power to NYCHA Developments has been restored, five food and distribution centers located in or close to NYCHA facilities remain active. They are:
    • Redfern Houses Community Center
    • Conch Playground
    • Beach 41st Street Community Center
    • Hammel Community Center
    • Calvary Baptist Church- Red Hook
  • Door-to -door operations servicing NYCHA’s homebound population has been on-going.
  • The NYPD has provided security and volunteers have increased the capacity to see more residents each day.
  • Each canvasser is equipped with a resident questionnaire to ensure the most important information is gathered and services are made available to them.
  • All residents with pressing medical needs are addressed by NYCHA staff.
  • Every homebound resident who requested food is accommodated that same day.

NYCHA: Sheila Stainback
Zodet Negrón
media (at) (dot) gov


The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) provides decent and affordable housing in a safe and secure living  environment for low and  moderate- income residents throughout the five boroughs.  To fulfill this mission, NYCHA must preserve its aging housing stock through timely maintenance and modernization of its developments.  NYCHA also administers a citywide Section 8 Leased Housing Program in rental apartments.  Simultaneously, we work to enhance the quality of life at NYCHA by offering our residents opportunities to participate in a multitude of community, educational and recreational programs, as well as job readiness and training initiatives.


Phone: 212-306-3000

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